Snowbird Law

Legal Services For Snowbirds

Kushner Legal is proud to offer comprehensive estate planning services for Canadian snowbirds who winter in sunny California. Kushner Legal can provide snowbirds with the unique perspective provided as Lars Kushner is licensed to practice law in both British Columbia and California and Lars will work to ensure that your assets are protected with a well-considered estate plan.

British Columbians who own property in California may be unaware of the unique estate planning instruments offered by California law which can result in substantial probate savings upon death including various trust instruments. Kushner Legal has experience in administration, planning and litigation in multi-jurisdictional estates and works to create customized estate plans tailored to the unique needs of snowbirds.

Kushner Legal is a California estate planning law firm that can help answer your questions regarding snowbird law and Canadian private property ownership in California. Timing can be critical in estate planning so it is important to call Kushner Legal at 310-279-5166 or submit a contact form to get your questions answered and begin setting up or amending your estate plan today. We can discuss your matter over the phone, over Zoom, or meet you at our office or a convenient location in the Los Angeles area.